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Lighting can bring a garden to life as darkness falls. Whether used to light a patio for entertaining and dining, illuminate steps or highlight a tree or sculpture, the use of subtle, well placed lights allow the outdoor space to be enjoyed into the evening.

Working with qualified, fully insured electricians, Ashbys Garden Services can provide a range of lighting styles to add another dimension to any garden.     


Having built a network of skilled craftsmen, Ashbys Garden Services have successfully managed many complete garden projects from the very first meeting with the client to the maintenance of the fully planted and finished garden. 

Ashbys Garden Services  will organise, arrange and manage every aspect of the complete garden project, keeping the client fully informed  to ensure peace of mind.



Once any building work is completed, the garden is ready to plant up. A client that enjoys gardening can choose, plant and enjoy their garden without further help. 

If ideas and suggestions are required, Ashbys Garden Services can offer help and advice with the selection of suitable plants and  planting, along with the general up keep of the garden. In addition, we can provide a maintenance service for the first year that will keep your garden looking at its best. 

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