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Garden Design

There are many elements that make up a successful garden but the most important is good design.

A good design can make the most of a tiny, city courtyard or a large country garden surrounded by trees.

As well as looking good a garden is to be used and enjoyed as an extension to your house, an outdoor room.

Listening to the clients 'wishlist' for their finished garden, Ashbys Garden Services can provide a design that will achieve a garden that the client can be proud of that is also a usable, practical and enjoyable space.

Often a working sketch with dimensions is all that is required to build the garden but larger more complicated designs will warrant a scale works drawing to ensure all the elements of the garden work together, to reveal any potential issues with levels or drainage and to get an accurate idea of the amounts of materials needed including the costs. 

Steve, the proprietor of Ashbys Garden Services, is a Pre-Registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers.

All Ashbys Garden Services plans are hand drawn and are shown to the client for approval before inking up and two copies are given to the client for their records.   

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