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Garden Construction

Garden building is a messy business. There is no getting away from it. Ashbys Garden Services will always keep the site as clean and safe as possible during the build process and as a team we take our responsibilities to the client and the neighbouring area seriously.

The typical build process will normally involve clearance of the site followed by the marking out of the new design.         

The hardbase or footings will be put down and then the build will start to take shape as the chosen materials are laid to the new design. By now the site will be less messy and the end will be in sight. After a good clean up and pointing of any paving, any finishing touches will be attended to. 

Finally, after the soft landscaping and a final clean up, the garden is ready for a check over by the client. Any snags are fixed and when the client is happy the job is complete. 

The short video shows part of the construction of the garden in the pictures below.

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