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About Us

Welcome to the Ashbys Garden Services website. Here you can find out about us, the services we can provide and view pictures of previous projects. You can also leave your comments and thoughts about the website and the service you received throughout every aspect of the building of your garden and beyond.

Ashbys Garden Services has built a reputation for good customer service and an eye for imaginative design, coupled with a commitment to build gardens of the highest standard. Steve, the proprietor of Ashbys Garden Services, is a Pre-Registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers. Ashbys Garden Services can provide for every aspect of the creation of a garden that can be enjoyed throughout the seasons. A visit can be arranged to view the garden and find out what the client would like to achieve and how they intend to use their new garden. Ashbys Garden Services can advise on every element of the design, from the materials used, to the planting of the finished garden and the aftercare needed to ensure the new garden looks good even in the darkest months of Winter. 


Having studied Horticulture and Garden Design at Capel Manor College, Enfield, Ashbys Garden Services can produce outline sketches to help visualise the basic outline of the garden through to full hand drawn scale works plans that provide an accurate picture of the finished garden. If required, we can produce planting plans and fully rendered impressions of the finished garden.

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